Welcome to TLC. We are a co-investment club for Tech CEOs (and Tech Leaders) with significant track records.

Our club is by invitation only, truly global, and reserved to those who can add value beyond just investing cash. Put simply, we believe that experienced and successful tech execs make outstanding investors, particularly in the early/mid stages of development. They know what the industry actually values or needs and help early companies take off.

A new investor class.We are NOT fund managers, do not hold or manage others' investment funds or provide any form of Asset Management. We are a true network of peers, helping each other co-invest, collaborate and grow companies together.

As such, we are a new and rather unique investment class, which we trust is most beneficial to the entire eco-system. We gladly co-invest outside of our network when relevant, working with many of the established investmet funds and less traditional investors too in need of active help with their portfolio companies.

TLC's value isn't about us or our (40+) years experience building TMT companies, or our systems, processes and M&A services; that's all good, but not core.
It's ALL about our member network.

Unlike most investor circles, the TLC network provides something rare and most valued: trust. We actually enjoy meeting, so we meet often, we actively listen, assist, introduce and make things happen - we know that no great company happened without hard work, so we favour action over ideas.

A small but great, focused and high impact, group of people from Tech. Come and join us if you also believe you can bring something valuable.

Francois Mazoudier

20 years+ building TMT companies, early stage Venture Capital and M&A.
With both one successful startup-to-IPO success story and one total bankruptcy, Francois brings a no-nonsense view of the good, the bad and the ugly world of building Tech companies.

Operational roles at companies include Central Point Software (sold to SYMC), PictureTel (now Polycom, PLCM), RealNetworks (RNWK) and TheCloud Networks (sold to BSkyB), all in their early stage / formation years until IPO.

Private Equity work includes Speed Ventures (co-founder, significant investor), a $90m seed stage Venture Capital firm backed by Soros Partners and Permira (sold to Ledstiernan AB)

Francois speaks French, English, German, (some) Spanish and holds a BA in Sales & Marketing from the University of Paris.