Thinking about investing in TMT? Very smart, now is a great time to invest, with plenty of good opportunities and stellar investment returns for those who know how to take calculated risks and build great companies.

Our belief: our network of successful, proven Tech Leaders is the best possible compass for investment in TMT.So we use our 360leaders network to help them find each other, collaborate and co-invest, which in turns produces amazing value creation, great companies, relationships and wealth.

We source great investment opportunities (from our proprietary sources, and from our member network), in sectors where we have the best contacts, executive network, knowledge and execution 'firepower' to make a big impact.

We then DD them properly, price them and structure a term sheet (entrepreneur friendly, a rarity) so that all major possible issues are taken out from the investment equation - before our members even start reading about them.

We then make our 360leaders community (6,000 strong, 350+ CEOs) of technology leaders and industry experts available for further verification, knowledge exchange and in-depth advice.

The benefits are great, and go beyond (just) the money; it's about making a real, tangible impact, being part of the excitement of a startup's super-growth phase, knowing that your involvement has "moved the needle" for them. It's about building the next generation of great firms, giving and learning from them.
Best of all, it's about being actively connected to some of the world's finest Tech Leaders, as peers.

Angel investing on your own or with others (non experts) may seem easy and tempting, but based on data, returns are abysmal. You need a successful mix of assets to succeed e.g. industry knowledge, contacts, people skills, funds and execution firepower. (click here to read about the common CEO-turned-investor mistakes).

TLC brings you a global, deep reaching, highly qualified network of Tech industry Leaders, all with significant track record in their respective sectors; CxOs across product, technology, sales and marketing; visionaries and strategics, financiers and M&A. Entrepreneurs who built companies from startup to IPO, others who failed miserably, turn-around specialists who have seen more cases of failure than you will in a lifetime - success stories, and the not-so-successful ones too.

Our network is designed to serve a powerful purpose: now, you can verify all investment assumptions with solid data, references and knowledge from the very best from the industry, knowing that they are on your side.

In short, as a member of TLC you can now co-invest and work alongside the greatest executives from an industry you may even know little or nothing about, who shall provide the industry insights, execution track record, and relevant network of contacts that no institutional investor can deliver, giving your investments the best possible chances of success.

You can't buy these people, or their time. But now you can co-invest with them.